Kind of bit for planing the spoil board

So, all my bits arrived today but I’m trying to determine which one would be best for smoothing out the spoil board. I only have 1/8 shank bits so its going to take awhile I just need a good example to start with.

Oh, these are the bits I have, aside from a few I ordered from the shop here.


Pretty sure you want something like this.

I just bought a Whiteside 6210 and plan to try it soon. You can get it off Amazon as well. Its similar to what fishtacos posted above but only a 1" cutting diameter. Others have used it with success so figured I would try it out.

I wouldn’t use any of those. The bottom left three might be doable, maybe the second and forth from the right bottom, but they’ll not make nice looking cuts.


Also I bogged down a 1" surfacing bit doing a half millimeter depth of cut on the 660.

Don’t be fooled by DOC when doing surfacing. You’ve got an uneven surface, so some times you’ll be cutting more than you planned.

(Not talking about you Barry, but it seems relavent).

I used a 3/4” Freud regular router bit with great success on mine…my board is slightly smaller then my cutting area so the bit never made a full width cut when I leveled it…I am running a 500w Chinese spindle and using 1” stainless rails. You have to get the spindle speed down with those big bits that’s for sure.

I used a quarter inch bit when I did mine. Though mine is only a couple square feet now. I could probably get away with the 1 inch bit on the lowrider, stronger motor.

Well now you tell me…$25 later. Lol. Oh well. I will try it and then save for when I upgrade. I have a feeling once I get the hang of this mpcnc I am going to want to go bigger and better.

I went out and grabbed a nice fat straight router (1/4 shank, 3/4 inch) bit. This thing seems like the right solution given the feedback :slight_smile:


I plan on cutting off 1/16 of an inch off the top, research suggests this is pretty much the standard, from the middle.

Another related question. What is the max rpm for a half inch router bit. As that ia the one im going with. My dw660 is stuck at 30k till the router speed control comes later this week.

Depends on the bit. It should say on the packaging. If it doesn’t, make sure you’re wearing safety glasses, and never get your eyes in the plane of rotation! Usually when a bit does a RUD it’s either because the carbide tips weren’t soldered on correctly, or they got hot enough to unsolder. They almost never come apart because of overspeed, almost…

Packaging only says ‘max 28,000’ but there are much larger bits in this set which makes me think its an incorrect ‘blanket’ value because the larger bits of course are going to have a lower max. Maybe I’ll just wait till saturday when my router speed controller arrives.


I always wear safety glasses!

If you bought router bits they are probably made for that high RPM, most old routers don’t have a speed control. Milling bits will give much more detailed info like chipload and SFM.

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