Kinetech – MPCNC Burly Build

Made some good progress on the MPCNC this week…

Just a few picks to get the thread going, Super busy printing way to many parts and to much time overthinking. Been a great distraction back at the room to pass the time while on the road.

Hope to have both builds online and running in the next few weeks just in time to move into the new shop.

Will update with more pics when I get a free min.

Thanks again Ryan for the great project and awesome community that you have put together.


I am digging those motor break out boards!


This is the motor shield with limit switch routing jumpers I made to cover the RAMBo 1.4 board.



Wow! I’m having trouble just getting all my conduit cut to the same lengths!


I have been less concerned with how exact the lengths are, My goal was to get them as close as I can and will make it up in assembly using measurements and a square.

Next project will be to design and cut an electronics enclosure.

Working on 2 different table designs.

Then final assembly.

I have been kinda milking this since I have been on the road a bunch, So at this point I have done a fantastic job of overthinking this project.


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Hey, I’ve got that same mousepad. :slight_smile:

As long as the shortest of your tubes is long enough, you’re golden. The excess can always just stick out a bit.

Any chance of sharing more information on the motor breakout boards. That is way cool.

Yeah for sure, As soon as I get my rig online and run a few projects.

I don’t want to assume that the idea works until it works.

I wanted a clean install and a standard wiring kit so as I build rigs I can save time in the long run.

What else you gonna do when you can’t sleep.



Stainless Tubes came in so I managed to make some more progress on my build.

No major updates at this point but I got my center mass assembled and I am terribly happy with it at this point.

Next time i’m in the shop I hope to bring her to life.

This had been a great project to work on, on the road to keep me busy.



Hi Billy,

Just wanted to check on the status of your project.

Project has taken a seat to work but is coming along, I hope to have more to share in the next week or two.

I decided to turn around the connectors for the limit switches and found that they are not symmetrical so I had to reprint the motor shield covers to make them fit.

The stainless I ordered I paid a too much for is also not as straight as I would like and have been working on a remedy.

May make a Tubing Straightener and try that.

More to come soon…

So after some sabbatical, and a ton of life’s events and a new shop build I find myself back at it working on my MPCNC build here in Texas. Powered the electronics and tested motors last night and everything performed as expected, Today I need to wire the VFD and program it for the 800 watt spindle I chose for my application. RJ45 motor shields with fan control and limit switch feedback have also performed well and will need to be torture tested soon.

Once again I find myself with a nearly complete build and a new file set have been released, This time I will resist the urge to rebuild this machine a second time as I am quite happy with this Burly Edition at this point.

Well not the best of updates but progress is progress and I’m glade to finally be back at it.


Wow, awesome setup with impressive details! I guess you are looking for some acrylic glass? :wink:

What thickness would you recommend for the housing since I’m planning to build one as well?


I’m using 3/4 birch ply since its what I had laying around, I have some .220 acrylic I’m going to cut windows out of for the door. Not sure the gas struts or going to like the additional weight.

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:eyes: Wow! that’s looking great!

+1 what’s going on with those motor connectors?!?

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The control box reminds me of the lego control boxes. I like the look of all of this.

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I printed the fan mounts posted by Memon on Thingiverse and made some motor shields for the steppers and Rambo board, So now I’m using just 5 ethernet cables to run all my cooling fans, limit switches and stepper motors.

Wanted to simplify and make wiring my MPCNC and Lowrider, clean and easy but I think at this point the solution was overengineered for 2 tables, lol.


Its one of those Its close to the end so you start cutting corners kinda things.

I hope you’ll share the stepper shield designs… or sell em!

I’m not even understanding how those connectors work. Do you poke a needle in the little holes and it releases the crimp ferrules?

What gauge wires are your ethernet cables?

The boards use all standard 2.54 mm pin spacing so that almost any type of connector can be used, I chose to use Phoenix Contac push/release terminal’s, But you could use header pins or screw terminals all the same and a standard rj45 terminal I have both top insert and side insert boards depending on location on the machine.

The cable is Shielded CAT6 24awg, They are a bit stiff but the cable chain keeps them from wandering or flexing the connectors.

The dual row of header pins on the Rambo shield allows me to route the limit switch signals to the right inputs on the Rambo or I can just use the pins to inject power to the fans

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