I don’t really know a lot about this software, I just saw it using Onshape. It’s a free app (3d Printing Slicer/CAM/Laser Cutter):
It’s on thingiverse too:

I Just put an eye on it: it doesn’t look to have a lot of options yet, but it’s free…

I asked a similar question a little while back and here’s what I got from it:

1) Kiri:moto is a SLICER tool - it can help to visualize, align, and slice model(s) 

2) Thingiverse integration is useful if away from main computer, and the price is right (FREE!)

3) Exported file must then be sent through a G-code sender, like repetier, to execute. 

So, Kiri:moto is nice to have around but you’ll still need Repetier or some other program to run you projects.

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Sorry, I missed the first thread about it.