I keep running across people asking for a ‘good, inexpensive, american made 3D printer’… The MP3DP came to mind - is there a kit available for purchase, similar to the MPCNC?

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Well… You see, you get the MPCNC kit, build it, use it to cut out the milled pieces for the MP3DP, you can buy the printed parts from the shop, but I don’t know that Ryan has a full on bundle for the MP3DP. It might require reading the docs and putting together the BOM yourself. And then you have a CNC and a printer! :smiley:

It doesn’t look like anyone is officially licensed to sell the flat MP3DP parts, so that’s something @vicious1 would have to address if getting the flat parts is a problem.

FWIW, the MP3DP was really a side project for folks who already had an MPCNC or LR, and I don’t think it was envisioned as a “first-class” project at the beginning.


Gotcha. Unfortunately I don’t have time to cut out kits for people and no real printer time to spare at the moment to print the plastic parts. Everything I’ve got is going into face shields at the moment. No worries though. It’s a really unfortunate time for everyone to decide to get into 3d printing since it’s causing a strain on the supply chain - I figured it might be a good way to throw some business at V1. Sadly the chain of acquisition that you described is way out of reach for Average User.

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The MP3DP is a neat project, but pretty tough for a beginner. They really need to be stubborn to see it to completion.


Yeah, I hear ya.

There really is just zero desire on my part to compete in any way for a 3D printer market share. I am not doing anything unique, better, or cheaper. I think the value in my “design” is it is a super fun CNC project. I just built another one, #7. I am also not one for the newest anything in 3D printing so most would feel I never have the buzzwords they are searching for. I like that the way I equip my printers they are workhorses that, might be slower that some, are reliable as all heck and do exactly what I tell them tirelessly.

Sorry that seems kinda harsh…I worked at a 3d printer company. Trying to stay relevant, and profitable in that space was a game I have no interest in. Maybe I will get a chance to make another printer kit at some point but it would be a lucky accident if it became more than just a project.


I will likely build one, when/if I finish my MPCNC, just because my current printer is too damned small (150mm cube)…


Thanks for the replies and the info guys. I guess I came a little late to the V1E dinner table to know the details on the MP3DP.

I love hearing you think it would be a good idea, such a huge compliment. I really should have lead with that. So thank you!

I also love rethinking some of my decisions, I am wrong most of the time. You really have my brain going again about a new printer…but I need to finish the mpcnc, then really spend a few days on the Zen. If the “work” side of this biz didn’t take up so much time…

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I’d love to pick your brain a bit if you find yourself with a few minutes to spare for a phone call. Glad something I said got the gears turning though - Brings to mind one of my favorite Einstein quotes - “Thinking is the hardest work there is - that’s why so few people engage in it.”


We’ll see right now I am struggling hard to find time at all. I have a full house currently, which is very unusual for me but my stay at home job makes this a good place to quarantine. Somehow that makes everything I do take sooooo much longer. I was 6 days behind on forum posts this morning and have been catching up for the last four hours.

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