Klipper possible?

Has anyone attempted to run Skipper on an MPCNC? I hear it makes configuration changes a snap, can improve quality on low end boards and if i set up an octopi anyway it would require no additional hardware.


Klipper? It has been done. It seems like a great project, although there may be some growing pains for making it cnc only. In marlin, the biggest thing is disabling the extruder and heaters.

yeah sorry, i was tired last night. but good to know it is a possibility.


I have Klipper running perfectly with skr1.4 turbo and K



It runs fluidd well too.


Excellent, as I abandoned Marlin long ago on my printers in favour of Klipper. Mind sharing you printer.cfg?


What CAM (or CAD/CAM) software do you use and can it send the gcode file(s) straight to the MPCNC or do you have to do the ol’ SDcard transfer/shuffle?
So far, from what I can tell with no hardware to test with (…yet), Klipper doesn’t fully support all the gcode commands there are in with CAM/CNC operations vs. 3D printing operations.


Fusion 360 with the MPCNC post processor seems to work quite well if you enable garcs in Klipper and remove tool changes.

Sorry, but what’s a ‘garc’? Still trying to understand the workflow and the different Software packages/programs that I’ll need or should obtain.

Enable gcode arcs:

G2 and G3 commands are arcs (parts of circles) instead of lines like G1.

Config to enable them:

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Thanks Jeff. My controller (MCU) board came in, I’ve got Klipper (with mainsail) installed and configured (with garc). Hooked up some steppers for a bench test. The steppers turn, and with some jumpers on the endtops, the endstops work also and make the individual motors stop when triggered.
Now I need to build the CNC router, but I guess, I need to start with a table first :face_with_peeking_eye: :shushing_face:
Still very new to all this, but getting excited as I uncover the clues.
Still trying to figure out how to get the gcode file from the CAM software (which I still haven’t determined what I’ll use) to the controller (with Klipper, I think if I can just create the Gcode file, then I can upload it straight to the controller).
I’ll see when I get to that step and if things don’t work, I can always go back to using Marlin (and relearning it :laughing:).

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The estlcam basics should work fine for klipper. I think there are some minor differences, but nothing severe. I would start with the premade gcode of the test crown and then try to replicate it with your cam setup and DXF. None of that is very helpful until you have a machine though. Be confident the electronics are fine and start turning some screws.

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I’m did a few cuts on Klipper now - It’s working absolutely fine.