Kreg Inline Clamps

I don’t know if anybody uses these for hold downs but I’ve used them on my workbench for years and just started using them for my lowrider for a cabinet project i’m working on.

I have a fence set up at 0,0 on the LR and use these to press against it using a pair of 3/4 dog holes to insert them into. The pusher is only about 1/2 tall so it stays clear of the work area and is easy on easy off which is really nice. I still use a bit of 2 sided tape to prevent uplift but so far it seems to work pretty well.


I need a 3D printed version. It’s nice they are plastic, in case they do get too close to the bit.

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I actually tried but its far more complicated that it looks. It uses on off center spiral gear to prevent the rack from sliding backwards. If you look at the teeth on the rack the spiral gear fits into them face to face. To further complicate the issue the wheel is at a 10degree angle to work surface.

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Those are both things that would make it easier to print than make from metal or wood or something. But I Don’t know how you would print those and keep them at all strong. The teeth especially. Maybe the clamp would print on its side?

I don’t understand the off center part of it though. I see the teeth on the clamp are wedge shaped but I don’t get why.

Its a face to face gear so the angle keeps the rack from engaging the spiral on the back side.

I’ve never seen a mechanism work this way which is what drew me to it.

I think I may just 3D print the pusher rack so I can make them sacrificial.

Looks like a great solution for holding stock in place on any cnc machine.
Not cheap though.
But if you made some of these for one side, maybe not too bad…


I’m cheap but I’ve never regretted any of the kreg stuff even though it’s pricey. I spent a small fortune on their miter system and love it every time I use it.

Have you guys been able to print any of these clamps please?

No, I probably wouldn’t try to build the whole clamp as it’s patented. A replacement pusher is on my winter to do list.