Kress 800w (220v) spindle ...what accessories?

Hi…new to CNC…been lurking and getting ready to make this awesome MPCNC. While doing research I found Kress 800 on ebay ($150!!!) shipped to US from UK. So i pulled the trigger on it . Per seller “Fitted with an IEC Plug (Kettle type) as was previously used with a CNC Controller to turn on the spindle (only used once). Can easily have a 3 pin UK Mains Plug Fitted. Comes with an 8mm collet and collet closer.”

Any advice on other collets or other accessories? I know its loud but has good rep as spindle otherwise.

Thanks in advance!

Dang, nice find I wouldn’t mind one of those bad boys. I am jealous.

The only thing I would try and get right away is a smaller collet. If you are in the US a 1/8" will allow you the cheapest endmills, or most other places a 3mm.

Thanks Vicious1!. I’m in USA so I will get the 1/8 inch collet. Will wire a 240v plug from my sub-panel soon (I have a 120v to 240v 5000w converter I found at garage sale that was “broke” till i fixed it, may try that too). Any thoughts on Flex-Shaft Attachment for weight savings? Have one for Dremel, though assuming wont fit/work without mods.

We started all this with a flex shaft tool.

Unless you find a really nice one it will not last long, and they are not exactly cheap. I think it will be fine as is, a little mass helps with vibrations anyway.