Lake Shaped Cribbage Board

Making my first cribbage board was the whole reason I started looking into getting a CNC router. It is nice to finally make one 18 months later.

I pulled in the map with the address for the cabin (X on the board) via OpenStreetMap downloaded SVG and then added in the depth lines with a vector-based map available from the DNR. I offset the path of the lake and then used a scatter brush to make the holes. I had to manually delete every 6th brush and do a little tweaking of the spacing on the holes on the sharp turns.

I did the CAM in estlecam for the holes, carve, and cutout (2 sided operation). I used lightburn for the laser engraving (the best $40 I have spent on this adventure).


Here is my next project. The cities are all of the places my mom has lived and they are in the correct location on the map, with per birth and current places as the start and end locations. Peg storage will be on the back. Black is machined out, red is laser engraved.


Nice work! Very creative! :+1:

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There are some very creative ideas in that project. Nice work!

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Superb work, Multiple tools and sides…absolutely love it!

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Looks great! What laser and controller do you have?