Laptop and Dock Stand

I wanted my laptop monitor at a similar height as my other monitors, and I thought I could gain some desk real estate and maybe even some storage underneath.

  • I designed it in OnShape.
  • The material is labelled ‘7/16" OSB’ at HD, and it was $6 for 24"x48".
  • Total cut time was about 3 hours, I would guess?
  • Cut on my LowRider
  • 15mm/s, 3mm depth. Pockets are all 3mm deep.
  • I had a little trouble with the bottom piece. One axis overheated, or maybe came loose, and it stopped moving, but I was able to realign it OK and finish the cutting, and it works fine.
  • The bins/blocks on the bottom are separated because if you slide them together, they blink, disappear, and you just get more points.
  • The logo on the top is for git. I had to put something there. If I were to do it again, I’d make it centered on the laptop section, since it gets half covered by the dock.
  • I did some sanding. I should probably do some clear coat on it. It’s a little dirty, but otherwise, it’s smooth to the touch.


[attachment file=34352]

[attachment file=34353]

[attachment file=34354]

[attachment file=34355]

[attachment file=34356]

Let me know if you want to make it, I can publish the DXF files on Thingiverse or post the OnShape link for it.

Nicely done.

I have one I 3d printed off of the web, but it doesn’t work with a dock. I’ve been thinking about designing my own as there’s stuff I don’t like about this one.

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Here’s my design. I made it sort of parametric, but honestly, I liked making it as much as I like having it, so you should make your own:

Also, I haven’t cut OSB before, it is very soft, and I like the industrial look. And it’s cheap. I’ll be using it again, for sure.

Looks great. I like how the over cuts are just big enough, not giant dogbones. After looking the the digital joint document from the other thread you guys put up I want to try a few of them.

Design might be my favorite part as well.

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One thing to know about OSB… it doesn’t like moisture very much.

But then again, neither do laptops.

I would have just done the overcuts in EstlCAM, but I wanted to align so you wouldn’t see them. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I know they are there.

I think it would work fine for a really long time as it is, but I think I will put some water based poly on it. I’m only worried it will fray just from the finish. I will have to try on some scraps first.

spray enamel clear coat might work well in this application. definitely do some test pieces if possible. I’ll look forward to seeing how it comes out.

I sealed some for outside use using latex primer and paint. My problem is it’s where water can sit on it. I’m going to end up having to redo it sometime this year.