Laptop purchase help!?

My laptop is on its last legs and I currently have around $1000 for a new one. My 5 year old loves realflight so I would like something with V.R. capability but primary use would be cnc type layout work. I don’t even have enough understanding of computers to refresh the firmware on my mini Rambo, haha it’s still grinding away with whatever Ryan sent it out with in 2016.

Is this a decent setup? Is there a better one? I really love a 17" monitor but of there was a considerable difference I would be open to downsizing.

Any input is greatly appreciated, I really hope te rejoin this community.

I’m not saying a laptop can’t run VR, but everyone I know doing it is using a desktop.

VR really likes the extra power that discreet graphics cards produce.

I built a new computer last year. I use my older laptop for stuff that doesn’t take a lot of power.

Could it work for you to do something similar? Get a decent desktop for gaming and “heavy lifting” then leave the laptop for other stuff?

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It’s more for the mobility. I do a lot with 4H and Ryker goes with me most of the time. I’m not into gaming but the flight Sim keeps him occupied while I’m busy and I think vr would be awesome.
4H has a building at the fairgrounds and there is an MPCNC there for the kids to experience. We have a projector and 120" screen so I would like to be able to connect so more kids can participate in and learn the design/cad side of it.

I’m not looking for the best but maybe a decent mid level?

If you really are going to be portable often, then a 17" model is going to be a pain, due to the weight. Get something closer to 14" and a separate monitor for at home. Otherwise the specs were reasonable. The laptop version of the 1660 doesn’t really compare to the desktop GPU (where the new cards start with a ‘3’ rather than a ‘1’ :)) but will be as good as the desktops from three or four years ago. The CPU is last year’s, but it’s tough to find the current year’s models due to the global chip shortage. Look at the Acer Nitro laptop model line (I’m partial to Acer and have more of them here at home than I’ll admit to). My current laptop is an Acer Spin 5 with the 10th gen i7, 16GB of memory, a 512GB SSD and the 3:2 display (2,256x1,504) is a joy. If I were going to use this one for CAD I’d add a big monitor to it, 27" or 32", and higher resolution than 1080P, but not all the way to 4K. With my 4K monitor I really have to scale it to see the details…

Lenovo Legion 5 5800H 3070.

Thank you. My current laptop is a 17" Toshiba and I don’t mind the size. I don’t understand the difference in grafix cards. Is this worth the extra $200?

I’m running VR on my laptop, but it cost quite a bit more than your budget. Ryzen9 with a 3080 graphics card. The fan kicks in with VR, but I’m wearing headphones so I don’t really notice. Rog Strix 15.

That would be sweet but the vr is more of a bonus to me than a goal. Realflight isn’t incredibly realistic but the ability to be able to look around for spatial awareness would be nice.

Your laptop has better specs than the desktop I built last year :slight_smile:
Ryzen7 and 2070 super.

I’ll second the acer laptops.

Msi makes good laptops too.

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That Acer “flagship” is an Aspire, which is their all purpose series, not really as high end as the Nitro or Predator lines. It’s also using an 8th gen chipset, so state of the art 2019. :slight_smile: The 1060 is a lower end than the 1660 and again two years old. Try for a 10th gen chipset, it will give you a lot more battery life than a 9th gen.

This thing replaced my desktop which I built. Was pretty much exactly what you had. Reformatted it and gave it to my dad to play flight sim on. Just as soon as Elon will sell him a dish…

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Sounds similar to the $2600 rig my son just built! Lol I am still doing all my cad and cam on an i5-2500k and GeForce gtx1650… only got the card because f360 needed it.