Large Build Slop in XY?

Hi, so I’ve just got my mpcnc build mounted to the table and the rollers and middle all attached. It’s a 4x4 build and I was hoping if someone would have a good source of the slop that I am recieving. I have tension all rollers and middle the equally and all bearing are making contact. So I’m wondering if the slop is because there is not enough tension? Also I don’t believe the slop is due to the length of the rails, because even if I flex the conduit close to the middle, the flex is still there. I will upload a video, any questions or help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Nathan

You are only moving it on one end. You are wiggling a 4’ stick. When you put some belts on it and power it up it will move from both ends. Imagine someone on the other end moving it at the exact same time as you, the only way that would be sloppy is if the rail bends/flexes.

I understand that in the video you can only me checking from one side but I have moved the middle assembly close to one corner and the tried between the middle and 6 inch of conduit and there is still slop. I was thinking that trying in a corner like that would stabilize it somewhat. Just for testing the slop. I was thinking that belts and engerized motors would help to keep everything stable. Do you think that the slop I’m getting would be fine once the belts are added?

Yes, finish assembly and try it out. I think you will be happy.