Large mpcnc builds

How many large builds are still in use? I am talking like 4’ x 4’ or bigger. Would you do it again?

I would like to make mine larger. I am thinking about maybe 2’ x 4’. I think that with bracing on outside 4’ side the shorter side would make things more rigid. I never plan to do metal. (plan being key, no needs now, lol).
i thought about 4x4 but not so sure that it would be rigid enough. I am using emt, not stainless.

4x4 working area or overall? I have a 2’x3’ working area currently. It will be expanded either this weekend or next to 2’x3-1/2’. Might go a little wider on the y axis too, at same time. No issues so far.

Oh yeah, using 3/4" emt.