largest 3d print

Just out of curiousity, what is the largest 3d print that has been done on this machine and how did it turn out quality wise?

I haven’t done any large prints but I have done a whole bunch of the roller F’s…

Bump for this. That’s one of the things that intrigues me with this machine. Any big prints out there?

I’m interested too.

I eventually would like to try at least a large print or two. Maybe a guitar or ukelele, or maybe something else. I’m looking at what I need to get to put together a whole extruder head with a volcano (most likely a clone). With such a large build area, I would want to pumping out a lot of plastic fast.

A friend of mine is building a custom three wheel car - a single seater with a vw bug front end and motorcycle rear end. He asked me the other day if I could 3D print fenders for him. I told him not right now, but give me a couple of months and I just might!

Sounds like you want the extruder from this monster.

That’s insane. Of course I want to build one :slight_smile:

Heh, the partdaddy used abs or pla pellets instead of extruded filament!

and the quality is poor. I used to have a Rostock Max V2. i just never got it dialed in like I had hoped.
You can see from that image that the quality isnt fantastic.
I own 2 SLA printers and a taz 5 and of course could make my MPCNC in to a printer if i wanted.

However, without HEIGHT, i dont see the overall value of printing BIG. for example , a big benefit of large format is Cosplay full helmets in 1 piece. I did an Iron man full size on my taz5 .

A Large printer no more than a few inches tall doesnt intrigue me much.

Well it is using a 4mm nozzle, not .4, but 4mm! That’s quite a bit bigger than the filament we use on our printers. It can also print 4 foot diameter objects. Let’s see your taz do that! My Max v2 prints awesome, and yes, it’s a pain in the ass to get dialed in, but they’re fun to watch print.

Also, if you’re going to use the mpcnc as a printer, then you can make the z as long as you want. You don’t have to worry that much about side forces for printing, unless you get some print curl, then things will get ugly.

That thing regularly prints vases that kids can stand in. The layer height is like half a centimeter not .2mm.

Sorry to hijack the thread with the post about the partdaddy, it was just too cool to pass up.

I think I would just buy a 12x12 sheet of glass and print on that. The standard z axis is taller than most prints I have to do.

I just finished my first successful test print. its a housing for a 7" tonetec touchscreen. I printed all the parts for it at once. it took about 12 hours at 30mm/s. Largest thing I’ve ever printed since I only ever had a printrbot play.

Just look at that bridging…

That’s pretty impressive.

Printing at 50mm/s too!

Did a one at a time print last night

Got up to it nearly finished this morning. although I still have some bed leveling to do, its working like a dream.