Laser, 3d print ans router toguether

Hello boys listen, I started the construction of this wonder, you guys are geniuses.
Any tips on how I can prepare this machine to play a laser 5.5W of Aliexpress what I need to know. The ramps can drive this laser. Would I like to set up for a laser engraver, a 3D print and a router but conections eletronics are not very clear to me yet, after all I am beginning to be born lol.
If buanas can share a little of your brains in this matter I appreciate it. Greetings from Brazil …

Show a link.
I think you will need the laser diode, a heat sink and fan, and the driver board.

Power is not everything! Today, someone who knows what he says about lasers told me that the relatively large area of the laser diode’s chip is hard to force into a narrow, strectched focus necessary for a clean cut. Conventional lasers like the usual CO2-IR tubes produce a needle like beam and thus are much more prone for cutting applications.