Laser Add On Connector Question

I got my laser diode and driver board (waiting on heat sink) the other day so I thought I would tune the driver while waiting for the heat sink, but discovered I do not have any connectors that fit to the plugs on the driver board. (Good Laser A-11). Can someone point me in the right direction. When I search for them there seems to be numerous different 2 pin JST connector sizes. It looks like most come with 22AWG wire connected so a connector kit would probably be preferred.


I pulled the plastic connector off the board and directly soldered wires to the pins. Those tiny wires are so fragile and a bitch to crimp.

It’s a JST-xh 2 pin connector. Should be 2.54mm spacing.

It’s been mentioned before but some of the latest Chinese cheapo drivers have the JST power connector backwards. Verify by plugging a jst cable in to the connector and make sure the positive lead is going to the positive marked pin on the board. The silkscreen on the board is correct from what I’ve seen. It’s the connector itself that is backwards sometimes.

Yes definitely check that… I fried Mega 2560 boards because of the incorrect polarity.

Yeah, I read about that being flipped on some other posts. I will definitely verify the wiring with the silk screening.