Laser, Cronos help

I have the same laser as descriptions at the beginning, but I fail to use it under lightburn engraving software. Actually, I can’t control his power. I use 2 boards - Arduino CNC Shield and GRBL1.1 TMC2208 Controller Control Board of Cronos. Can you give me information on how to connect it to Arduino CNC shield?
Thanks !

You don’t need two boards. You have the Chronos controller board and the Chronos laser module. Use the 3 pin cable to connect them together as per the picture - 3P-Laser

You would only need the cncshield if you were going to use an Arduino Uno as the controller board

Ensure $32 is set to 1 ($32=1) and $30=1000. Send G1F2000S100M3 to turn the laser on and you should be able to control the laser intensity with Sxxx… S500 being half power, S250 being one quarter power and so on. M5 will switch the laser off.

I need to give more information. My first post was part of an old discussion that ended six months ago. The administrator decided to separate my request for help into a new topic, but unfortunately the connection was disconnected and it is difficult to understand the details. And the details are as follows: Perdy for more than a year I ordered the laser from the topic attached to my first post. (5 pins laser: +12V - TTL/A *** - TTL/A + ).

It didn’t work and the sellers told me it wasn’t managed with PWM. I didn’t get any information on how to manage it, and the connection was disconnected. Since then, I’ve been looking for a way to get him to work. In this forum I found a topic discussing exactly this laser and trying to connect with people who know how to do it. I have two control boards - Arduino CNC shield and cronos board. I’d be happy if I could make the laser work with at least one of them. Im sorry, my english in not verry good. Thanks!

Mike, Thanks for your answer, but you probably now understand that I’m asking specifically for this laser and for the opportunity to work with the boards I already have. Of course, I use it separately. Greetings