Laser cut gift #2: napkin holder

This napkin holder was created for someone who lives near the beach and has a variety of beach themed items in his home.


You had some fun with that laser!

You did all these pieces with a diode lasers? Are those NEJE units that much more powerful than the other units? These look CO2 quality

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This is the first laser module I’ve ever owned, so I don’t have a frame of reference for power, but YouTube user and reviewers of this laser module have been impresses at how well it cut *for a diode laser." I’m away from my machine that has my Lightburn file, but this probably took 3 passes near 100% power to cut 5mm plywood for the napkin holder. My guess, based only on videos, is that a 40W CO2 laser could cut the plywood in a single pass.

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I need to make something like that for family! But I dont have a laser. And my wife says I cant get one till I actually FINISH my primo. it is 95% done for over a year, just needs to be squared and wired :confused: but I WILL steal your design when the time comes!

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Thanks for the kind words. While I made them into a napkin holder, the starfish and the sand dollar graphics were purchased off Etsy. I found a lot of seashore graphics on the net, both free and paid, but I was drawn to these two. I did spend some time cleaning them up so I they would cut well.

When you get around to considering a laser, a lot of people on this forum are purchasing the NEJE A40640. While a bit expensive, it enables a lot of cutting like this project that is difficult for most other diode laser modules. If you purchase it here, you can have it shipped from a US warehouse and have it in a few days vs. waiting weeks to get it out of China.

In addition to the laser module, you likely want a laser bed and air assist to cut projects like this one. There are some topics on this forum discussing these additions.