Laser Cutting?

Ok so i got my 7Watt laser up and running. I used image2gcode and that worked awesome on the the first try. The problem arises is when i want to cut something out. I want to cut out foamcore board airplanes which would need me to cut out some parts at 100% and some at 50%. I tried to use DXF2GCODE but im lost with setting it up i tried to use the configuration file’s but it does not work. Any help would be appreciated.

you can try the new posts processor for fusion 360 with laser cutting support. You can specify the PWM value for each cut. Go in 2 passes, one with 255 and the other one with a lower value.

Other option can be inkscape with laser plugin

Thanks ill try the fusion 360 but have tried the inkscape plugin and cant get that working for some reason, I think its because the plugin does not work with the latest version.