Laser Drama

Teaching Tech is now my favorite youtuber (along with my other favorites). He apparently got some threats from a manufacturer about a review of his laser. I heard about it here:

It looks like tt took the vid down, because of nasty harassment, no doubt. Now it does still exist, but not on tt’s channel. Not sure how rude it is to archive someone’s video, but it was a great vid:

[Archive removed since tt posted his back UP]


I agree about TT’s channel. While I’m still contemplating my build, a laser was a must-have. TT’s work saved me a ton of money.

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The video is back up. Apparently the endurance laser guy ate crow and sincerely appoligized. The damage has already been done and I’ve been careful to not buy any endurance lasers this week :).


I was just about to buy an endurance laser instead of a k40 from Ebay.

Good timing.