Laser for steel engraving advice please

Hi All,

I have enjoyed my MPCNC, but I know it’s capable of more! I am debating adding a laser module to laser engrave steel. I know I need something in the 5-20 watt range and exterior venting.

While I know this is doable, I may stick with vinyl masks and electro etching.

I am looking to engrave detailed logos at about 1x1 inch or less.
The photo should give you frame of reference.

For etching metal you want a laser lens called a G2.

This is the link I share with people to teach about the different laser lenses. But I discourage people from buying from endurance lasers. I have their stuff. It works but it’s rough. Like something made buy a guy in a garage. And they sell your contact info.

I have not tried using my G2 lens on metal yet so I can’t speak from experience. But I have tried using my MPCNC to engrave logos on wood. It’s movements in the X and Y are rough when it isn’t pushing a heavy router. I suggest you try to attach a laser to a 3D printer instead.

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That I know of diode lasers don’t etch steel you may be bond substances chemically using them ?


Like Tim said, diode lasers can’t engrave/cut metals. You’d need a fiber laser for that. Something like this will allow you to mark the steel. It will wear off after a while though.