Laser Protection Goggles

What is every one using for Laser Protection Goggles ?

I have a 3.5W blue diode laser (EleksMaker). It came with cheap green goggles which seemed insufficient (bright) to my eyes, so I bought a set of red cheap goggles. The new red ones are identical to the ones that came from EleksMaker other than the color. Subjectively, they seem to do a much better job, though. The color makes a big difference. The lens color should be complementary to the laser color or very close.

Mostly, though, I try not to look at the laser when it’s running. It’s not really that interesting, really.

People who have to look at a laser while using it (e.g. laser hair/blemish removal), a more scientific approach than “complementary color” is certainly warranted.

Laser goggles are made to stop certain wavelengths of light. Make sure the goggles you get are made for the laser you have. Some goggles will do nothing for the wrong laser, and can make it worse by having your pupils not dilate because of the shaded lenses. Here’s an example, normal sunglasses are slightly opaque to visible light, but in the near infrared spectrum they are totally clear.

[attachment file=91492]

Wearing the wrong goggles is pretty much the same as not wearing any in the first place. Where ever you get your laser should state the wavelength, XXXnanometer, get goggles that block that wavelength.

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I have a5.5W 5500mW 440nm blue laser , Will these work ,IPL 200nm-2000nm Laser Protection Goggles Protective Safety Glasses OD+4 ?

I think Green goggles shouldn’t be used with a blue laser. Granted that is what I am using (Dark green goggles) but I want to change that. Because my eyes often hurt just a little after working with the laser. Maybe I am being overly sensitive to it but it seems real to me. So I will make a change soon. I will also swap out my 15 watt laser for my 5.6 after I finish these Kaizen foam cuttings for my work.

Here is my reasoning for my opening statement. Blue goggles will let blue light pass through. Green is right next to blue on the color spectrum. Too close I think. Red or orange is further away and should work better.

You need to have goggles that are specified for the wave length of laser you are using. Thinking green goggles are good for a green laser is putting your future vision at risk. Do you really want to gamble your vision on trying to guess which goggle is correct. Go to a reputable site and buy the proper goggle based on the laser wave length, there are many out there. My googles are orange/red and I have a blue 450 nm laser.

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Also, unless you go blind immediately, you won’t know your poking holes in your retina for quite a while.

I bought FreeMascot glasses for my blue laser. They are so comfortable, I forget I’m wearing them, except occasionally, because of the frames of pc prescription glasses. These glasses deliver on their promised protection as far as I can tell. Protection seems sufficient for a 15 watt 455nm laser.

I was curious and tooks a look at FreeMascot glasses. Apparently there are a number of different styles. You might want provide a link or model number to the ones you are using. As a new user to this forum, there is a short time before you can post links. As a workaround you can modify the link just a bit so that the forum software does not recognize it as a link but we can tell what the link should be.

I have a couple pairs of these…

They work well and are closer to OD 7 for 450nm.

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