Laser recommendation

what are people recommending for a laser for a MPCNC primo build?

Anything with a built-in speaker that goes “pew-pew” whenever it fires…

@dkj4linux? @CNeufeld?


clearly a must LOL or maybe I need

Considering my second last burn went for 5+ hours, I’m pretty glad I didn’t go with the “pew-pew” sound effects… :slight_smile: But it would be pretty cool as an option. Like every time the laser fired, it did a “pew”.

what are you using?

Pat, using for what? I posted pics (and a story) of my last couple of burns in the “See what I’ve made” forum in here.

sorry which laser

Ah. I ordered this one:

But DAMN! It’s gone up quite a bit in price. I paid $130, CDN.

Seems to work fine, once I got the wiring sorted out. But no “pew-pew” sounds… :frowning:

Could probably use a light sensor and an arduino to automate some pew pew sounds

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