Laser ttl help

  1. Ok... I got a little ahead of my self. I had my laser working with estlcam and a uno w/cnc shield. This is a China laser 0v-5v , 3 watt many 3.5 not sure based on labeling. Decided to try raster printing using ramps1.4 but with out thinking hooked the ttl board to the d9 fan pin and ran the laser the 12v seems to have killed the ttl board as now the laser only comes on in full power and can't be controlled. Does any one know what I could have fried on the ttl board that I can replace or do I need a new boar?

[attachment file=49569]

Bummer. I have no idea what could be broken. You can buy just the driver (and not the whole laser) though, right?

Pure speculation but that component in the center of the board, “78m05”, looks kinda like it popped. If it did it is still probably cheaper to just replace the drier than the component.