Lasercutting mdf


Is there somebody with experience on lasercutting MDF with the JTech 2.8 or 3.8 laser module. Which thickness can be cut?

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I’m no expert but I think 3W is too weak to cut wood. It can engrave or mark, but Idon’t think it could cut at reasonable speeds.

Usually you need at least 40W CO2 lasers to do that.

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Nobody is using a higher power (Chinese) non-CO2 laser to cut mdf?
Ok, then I have to adjust my expectations :slight_smile:

Like led? I think the powerful (affordable) is around 10/15W pulsed, not continue… mine is 5.5W… but not tested with cutting, just engraving.

I will try a high pressure air assist for cutting thin wood, acrylic, etc.

Hi Martin, that would be great.
Some Chinese lasermanufacturers are offering a 5.5W and claiming it could cut mdf. I want to be sure…


I can cut 5mm MDF with my 6 watt laser, but it takes a lot of passes.

Jakob can you share more details?
Do you use air assist?
Do you move Z axis to keep focus as you go down in the mdf?
Feed rate?

Yes, I use air assist (compressed air) and also move the z axis(not the full 5mm about half)
I don’t remember the feed rate, but not very fast. (I just turn the knob on the display until it looks right :D)
Must move without any shaking.

I have the mdf elevated a bit so I can see under it while cutting, if I cant see the laser all the way around I just restart it (its set to return to start position on finish and keep steppers active).

I haven’t done it for a while though, seems just to slow.
Much easier to just mill it.

I really want to try cutting black or red/orange acrylic, but its really expensive here :frowning:

Edit: I think my feed rate for mdf where similar to the ones for plywood i used here:

Thanks! It sounds interesting.

Thanks for all information. It is promising… The Optlaser 6 W costs 500 euro, so I have to save some time. But it’s from Poland so no import taxes this time :slight_smile:

A quick test with yellow acrylic (2,4mm)… To cut in one pass I have to go veeeery slow, 10mm/min… but it works! (5.5W laser).

Thanks Martin, so there are some possibilities in lasercutting without CO2. What laser (brand) do you use?

Well, if it really costs 500 euros for a diode laser, I really suggest you check on the Co2 lasers. You can probably get a good one from China for a similar cost. They are more difficult to install since you’ll need mirrors and water cooling, but at least you’ll end up with something much more powerful.

My laser is a chinese generic one… this one: