Lasering tiles

I’ve been playing with a neje 20w (5w output) laser. These are my first two tiles. Still tweaking the settings, but happy how things are progressing.


Wow, I had no idea it would be possible to laser etch tiles with a diode, let alone shiny white ones. Nice work! Are you adding any special etching coat, or just hitting it with the laser directly? I can’t be the only one also curious what your feedrate and power settings were?

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David was doing a process where he painted the tile, nuked it with the laser, and then. Cleaned the paint off. The burnt paint stuck much better than the unburnt paint. There are a few posts about it and a link to the video that inspired him.

Yes, I did a light coat of white spray paint, then hit it with the laser. Afterwards clean off with paint thinner or acetone. What’s left is not coming off the tile. I think it is called the Norton method. There are lots of YouTube videos.