Has anyone given this a try? Seems like it might be a nice vector and raster laser software all in one. Before I start stumbling around to try it out hoping someone might have some info about it.


Any chance you took the plunge on this? Just ran across it and it looked promising. Looks like they have it updated to revision four now. Figured I’d ask before reinventing the wheel.

Thank you for what you’ve done putting out the MPCNC tool for us. Really enjoying learning all about it.


No not yet. I have been keeping busy. I just rebuilt the machine I use outside, with the laser to the T8 so thanks for reminding me, I will give this a shot next time I use the laser.

Thank you. Going to try and give it a shot and see what happens.

Looks great. I’m currently out of time but I’m very interested in this software.