latest recommendation for z-axis rod?

I bought my machine here in Feb of 2017. At that time, threaded rod was the only option. I'm not having any serious issue, but I want to know: Is the current recommendation to change to leadscrew or ballscrew? If so, are there instructions and an upgrade kit for that?
Is it better to let sleeping dogs lie?

So if you are having no issues changing to a leadscrew only has the real benefit of increasing the max speed of your Z axis. If you want to change over it depends on what gantry version you have. For the newer “525” style you only need to replace one of the XYZ parts to the newest version, add the leadscrew & nut, appropriate coupler, and 2 m3x10 screws, after the hardware just update to the correct firmware.

If you are not at the “525 version” the one that looks like it does now. You will need a more extensive upgrade.

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