Layershift when printing core. Reprint, or is it okay?

To make a long story long… I printed the parts for the Burly, with the “J” configuration (25.4mm/1in OD) literally years ago, and they’ve been sitting in a storage bin all this time.

When I went to assemble it with 1in conduit, I discovered that it’s actually larger. I probably knew this when I printed it originally, and convinced myself that I’d spend the cash for proper DOM tubing, but in the end, did not do that.

So, I’m re-printing the primo for 3/4 EMT Conduit (I measured this time), which brings me to the point of this post.

In printing the core, it looks like I had a Y layer shift, and a bit of under extrusion. My gut tells me I should probably reprint it, but… I wanted to get a second/third/fourth opinion on how badly this defect would impact the overall accuracy of the machine.

You can find several pictures of the defect attached… Or maybe not, apparently new users can not upload files, and I can not include a link in the post so… You’ll have to imagine it… I guess…

Thanks in advance!

I suppose I should say, that I mostly intend to cut wood with it. I have an AliExpress special 50(maybe 53?)mm spindle.

I originally thought I’d be cutting PCBs, but I have since realized I don’t need them that fast, and just paying a fabricator to make the few I need is ample.

Really wish I could post those pictures. :thinking: [slash] nMeGqMFmexREbrYW9

It seems pretty minimal so I would try it out since that’s such a long print and a good amount of filament. The only concern I have is the possible adhesion issue on the second photo. You might want to make sure that’s not actually a problem before you try to assemble it since it’s a little difficult to tell in the photo.

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Yeah, that was what first called my attention to the issue.

There is a bit of that outer wall that actually seems to have not extruded for a layer.

That said, I have tried my best to bend/separate that by hand and knocking it around, and it seems amply strong.

The under extrusion is only on that one wall, so I feel pretty good about it.

Thanks for offering a second opinion :slight_smile: