LCD and Rambo Case weights?

Can someone tell me approx how much the LCD and Rambo cases weigh?


I’m looking at getting them printed in the library here, and they charge per gram, hence wanting to know.



I estimated these with the slicer software, but it should be in the right ballpark. I used a value of 1.25g/cm3, which is also an estimate.

The mini rambo case (I don’t know where a rambo case is) was about 125g:

This LCD case was about 85g:

Those estimates feel a little high, but about right. A commodity spool of PLA filament costs about $20, but I don’t know what your library uses or what they are charging for (librarian time, machine cost, part wear?).

The settings on the slicer I used were my normal, functional part settings, 3 perimeters, 6 top and bottom layers, 0.2mm layer height and 20% infill. If you were trying to cut corners (or they charged an absurd amount per kg) you could reduce that significantly by reducing the perimeters to 2, and 3 top and bottom layers. There isn’t much infill in either of these models.

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They are charging the equivalent of about 13 cents USD a gram, so 125g for the Mini Rambo will be $16.25

And yes, I meant the mini rambo.

Thanks for the answer

Not sure where you are located but you may be able to find someone nearby to print these for you. I’d help you out but shipping may make it sort of pointless.