LCD Controller mount/case

Trying to figure out the best thing to do with my LCD controller ( while the unit is running…

I found this case, and I like how it’s handheld, but it looks like it’s just supposed to sit on the table which isn’t great for the lowrider.

I was thinking it’d be nice to have a handheld case, but that then could be mounted onto the YZ assembly when not being used. Before I start doing some measuring and try to make one myself, has anyone made anything like this? Or alternate suggestions on how to handle the LCD controller?

I use that case on an MPCNC, I put self-adhesive velcro on the back of the case and the vertical apron of my table so when I don’t need it in hand I can put it up out of harm’s way yet it’s still easy to grab if I need to.

I 3d printed a dove-tail. I glued one side of the dove-tail to the back of the LCD case and mounted the other side of the dovetail to the machine.

realizing that the linked case actually comes with an optional clip… but I don’t see anything it can easily clip to given its size/placement. Will try to make a modified version of that I guess

I modified the stl I had for the clip to just mount inside one of the Z tubes. I had to wrap a couple of turns of electrical tape around the insert part to get a snug fit but it’s been pretty functional.

That looks nice! Is that STL available anywhere?

Sure, uploaded. Just be sure to check that it will fit with the inside diameter of the tubing you’re using:

Lowrider2 Full Graphic Smart Controller Case Tube Mount Clip

A bit small for the 25.6mm tube I got, but still stays in. Thanks!