LCD Help for a Software Noob

Finally got my LCD in, tired of wasting time on Repetier for milling. Probably me doing something wrong but I wanted a screen anyways because the computer I had in the garage was a makeshift desktop made out of a laptop motherboard from 2009 I got for free. Much rather just work on my laptop/real desktop and upload to the SD card.

When I plug it in, nothing happens. I am using the same LCD as the one Ryan sells, but on ebay. (Sorry man just had to save the 5 bucks) All electronics were bought from here so the firmware is already flashed. Do I have to change the line in Marlin? Cause the firmware thats flashed does say Big LCD screen so I would assume it is ready to go. I added the file to my arduino library. Am I missing something here?

Can you show a picture of the screen and exactly how you have it wired.

The screen and repetier work the exact same way. load the file, hit go, that’s all they do is deliver the gcode line by line, no processing moving nothing just code delivery.

Another one of my crusty pictures! It would be so much easier to post on here if my front facing camera worked. Screw you HTC with your fragile front facing cameras!!

All the firmware is good to go though right? I did buy it in October last year. I am not going to reflash anything because I might screw something up. I did plug both cables in and I verified that I can still use repetier just fine with it plugged in.

You got an odd brand, and the ports are on upside down on the LCD.

Unless you have the wrong lcd but I can’t really tell from the picture. Maybe one of the wires not twisted up and one of the screen itself.


If it is the style I have the ports are upside down.

It is this one

Even if they are upside down, they’re keyed so they only go in one way. It looks exactly the same, to my eyes anyways.

Exactly the keyed parts are upside down, it absolutely makes a difference. you can try and pull them off either the screen or the plug and flip them over. That $5 saving got you a screen with a mismatched adapter, if the LCD works. Import stuff is fickle like that

Lol…dang it. Maybe you sabotage all the imported lcds so people have to buy from your store! I knew it!

Ok but seriously it works now…whats even more unexpected is that only 1 of them was flipped around…I never would of guessed that, thanks.

Okay last question I swear, how do I make the LCD work without having a usb going through it. As of right now everything works but only when it is plugged in.

Sounds like the 5V regulator on your arduino is shot.

Heard a lot of talk about the dreaded dead 5v, what are some signs? Anything I can measure with my multimeter? Physically it looks fine, nothing is burnt.

I lied about it being the last question. :frowning:

5th pin on the mega on the power plug side should be 5v

With usb I get 5v, think we all saw that coming. With 12v from the ramps only, I get 2.25v…uhhhhh. So I will have to solder on a new regulator? Dang… :frowning: That or can I somehow supply 5v through an external brick? I am going to be a wimp and blame this on my friends, sometimes they push my machine when the steppers arent stalled really hard feeding all this current into the poor board. Little guy didn’t have a chance ;(

The 5V regulator takes the 12V and lower it to 5V. You can supply 5V another way, and it will be fine. The 5V will have to power the arduino, the screen and some small stuff. The 12V will still power the motors. So probably 0.5A or better is fine. You can power it via USB.

I bought some AMS1117 5.0v regulators, going to solder on a new one. If that doesn’t work then I am out another $3. I would then resort to what Jeffe said, supplying it externally somehow.

Yea, I just smoked another Arduino yesterday. Hooked my zenxy stops up wrong. Going to microcenter today to pick up a new one and I also ordered a pack of regulators on Amazon. Now I’ll have spare boards to experiment with!