LCD Just Flashes/Clicks

Hi All,

I’m assuming the firmware on the Rambo 1.4 I received with the kit has the LCD enabled, and that the LCD I added in a 2nd order from here is an original and not a clone with miss-marked labeling… With that said, when connected for the 1st time, I just see flashes an hear a few clicks. EXP1&2 connected to Rambo P1&2. Orientation for pin1 is correct. I notice when I work the knob, experience changes. Thinking it’s a bad display. Any ideas?

Thank you,


Make sure the ports match but turn the connectors around on the Rambo.

If that is unclear put up a picture of how you have it plugged in.

Thank you Ryan. That did it. So much for using caution and orienting the red ribbon wire to pin 1.

here is a pic off how mine is plugged in. worked first try

[attachment file=“screen to rambo.jpg”]