LCD screen blue

Hey everyone,
I was messing around with ESTLcam and accidentally presses the Adruino Mega button on program controler and now my LCD screen is solid blue and I cannot control my machine. I cannot even control it from Repetier-host. Not sure what to do from here. Any segregation’s would be awesome. I am a terrible newbie and have very limited knowledge of the coding and firmware side of things.

Sounds like you erased the firmware.

That looks to be a RAMBo board. you should be able to install new firmware from here.

How do I go about installing it once downloaded?

Normally, you would use platformio. But we have found a new program called xloader which is much simpler. Go grab the right firmware from MarlinBuilder releases, and inside the first zip is a firmware.hex. Xloader can flash that right to the rambo.

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I’m guessing from the wiring that you want V1CNC_Rambo, which is for series wiring.

The typical software workflow involves using estlcam to make the gcode and then you use something else to connect and control the rambo.

Thank you very much. I will do this and let you know if I can figure it all out in the morning!!!

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I ended up using platformio to get the firmware uploaded back to the rambo. Only took about 5 minutes to complete but the LCD is working again. Thank you for your help. It is appreciated!!!