LCD Screen not scrolling

Hi everyone. I just finished my build of a 24"x24" MPCNC, and have been having some difficulties with the LCD screen. I bought the complete rambo 1.4 with the lcd directly from V1 engineering .

The screen seems to be booting fine, all the logos showing up on boot. The home screen seems correct also, displaying x,y,z etc…

I can click the knob into the sub screen, but that is where I run into issues, I can’t scroll up or down with the knob. I can only click back to the main info screen.

Not sure what to do to remedy this?


Try physically swapping the cables. they tend to use different wires. Also look for solder blobs around the knob pins.

Hi Ryan,

No blobs on the pcb near the knob, and I tried swapping cables with no effect. Also attempted a marlin reflash, and now I have a lit but blank screen.


Marlin was good if you were getting a picture.

You must not have flashed my marlin if it is blank now.

Might have gotten the wrong version? I followed your links to your github, any chance you can give me a direct link? Thanks!

Hey Ryan.

Found the MPCNC specific marlin, downloaded and flashed the board. All is well, scroll is working correctly now too.