LCD Screen not working with board

The LCD screen is pitch white when I hook it up to the LCD adapter to the board. Here are some pics. What do you think is the matter?


I found some more pics of it.

Try swapping the wires or getting a shot of them plugged in so we can verify. Is it plugged in or only USB?


If that doesn’t work try re-flashing the board

I tried swapping the wires but then the screen was black so it is plugged in right.

Try a quick reflash

It is only plugged in, not using USB.

There are four combinations you can use to plug the wires in, with turning them around as well and swapping positions. One works, two give blank screens and the last gives a white screen. You need to try more options to find the right one. :slight_smile:

Note that we’ve heard of a number that arrived with the plastic reversed around the pins, you can carefully pry it off, reverse it and push it back on if that’s the problem.

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The adapter is flipped, I checked that first, but it still could be the cables. Contrast, firmware, funky screen. kinda betting on firmware on this one.