Lead Screw is Binding on Z axis

Hey. The long threaded rod that moves the Z axis up and down had been binding since I built my machine a couple of weeks ago. I took apart the assembly and drilled out the holes but it’s still binding. I know the printed parts were a little off, so I am about to reprint them.

Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it?

Which version Z axis?

Loosen the locknut of the long screw which holds the whole carriage. Mine was to tight and z was almost not able to spin, now its absolutely smooth.

It’s the newest version.

Loosening that bolt releases the squareness of the assembly no ?

You should have the center as loose as possible to keep square. For some it seems to take a bit of fiddling but I would say make sure the lock and spacer are centered. Test everything by hand to feel for binding. It should turn very easy by hand.


So I reprinted all my Z related parts for starters. The bolt holes were all quite tight. I had to adjust my “Extrusion Multiplier” in Slic3r as I was getting too much material during prints which was most noticable in the hole sizes and the infill of prints was proud. I changed it from “1” to “.85” through calibration tests. That’s quite a bit off (15%).

One of the other things I did was to put the “spacer” at the top and the “nut lock” not at the bottom (i had the reverse of this previously). This helped tremendously. The assembly is completely free and smooth now. The lead screw does not bind at all and can be turned easily by hand.