LED Lights for MPCNC

Since I did not find any topics about it, I have to ask: Does anyone have any knowlege about good lights for filming etc? There are like hundreds of things to consider and I have got no clue at all…

Lights made for streaming should work. My shop lights were cheapo amazon tube lights and they worked. The only time I ever got flicker was when I was trying to do slow-mo shots.

What about shadows and stuff? Tube lights are above the CNC, not at the side or sth? I was thinking of installing those lights for the shop: LED Panel 120x30, 4000K, 40W, 4000lm, TÜV/GS. 1 above the CNC, 1 above the workbench, one above the miter saw station. Might be overkill?

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You can reduce shadows by adding many sources of lights. Things like having lights at various angles and close and far. But obviously won’t be 100%.

Professionals care a lot about color temp. And the. They set the white balance manually to match the lights. So if you added leds under the gantry, or you used the leds built into the dw611, you might have trouble matching the white balance of the overhead lights.

That’ll depend on the cnc. I didn’t have shadows on my mpcnc, the lowrider was impossible to film under, the LR3 should be the same as the mpcnc now.

This was the lights in my old shop.


Thanks for your input you two. There really aren’t too many shadows in your video, Barry. :slight_smile:

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New lights, who dis? They are absolutely awesome.