Led supplies?

Any suggestions? Specifically I’m looking for small ps and remote.
So far it looks like I can get a small base with lights, ps, remote, AND battery compartment for 6 bucks. I can find ps+remote for about 9-10.
I’ll probably order 10+ at a time, so these types of places are ok.

By ps, do you mean power supply? What kind if remote are you talking about and what kind of leds? I suspect you are looking at something specific, like 12V RGB leds that aren’t individually addressable.

Yeah, that’s the thing.
I guess I should have mentioned that I’m going to make a few edge lit acrylic signs (Christmas is coming).

Here is an example of the cheap base i mentioned that includes some leds, a battery compartment, a power supply, AND a remote.

4 Pack 3D Night LED Light Lamp Base + Remote Control + USB Cable, EEEKit 16 Colors Light Show Display Stand for Acrylic and Plexiglass, Decorative Lights for Room Shop Restaurant (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JCSM7NR/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glc_fabc_6RN062VKTE7H3C4B26XE?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

In guessed (perhaps incorrectly) that the light color is changed by varying the voltage output in the power supply to an rgb led strip, and that i could get something similar to this minus the battery tray, leds, and enclosure for the same price or less than the assembly if i bought enough of them, then add my own enclosure and leds.

I think at this point I might be happy to have just the power supply and add a switch (although colors would be WAY better).

that base kit works well. My son has the same one under an acrylic dinosaur. His came with the acrylic design, but the base/remote is identical.

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Good to know, because i just ordered 4. I was hoping to make my own out of some padauk or purple heart.

I’ll selfishly refer you to one of my own posts.

This obviously has no control and is just white light, however I have used these (below) before for controlling RGB. They are very small and simple components that you could hide within your wooden component. You won’t have the ability to control via IR remote, but you can use an app to turn on and off, schedule it, and play with different settings and colors.


Not gonna lie, that controller is pretty cool.
That mahogany looks great, too!

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Ok. I see. You can order that kind of stuff from banggood or aliexpress. It usually takes a few weeks, but I have not heard good news from China shipping recently …

Lights like that are usually just PWM on each color band. The 4 pins is usually the giveaway (12V and sink for RGB). They may not be 12V though, so they are hard to mix and match. I think you picked a good enough choice. They may also be a lot cheaper on ebay (but watch out for direct ship from china).

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