Leg Height

Hi all,

I received all the MPCNC parts I ordered so I am ready to build.

I want to do aluminium and I need about a 50mm (2 inch) travel on the Z Axis as I want o maintain regidity when routering aluminium.

The question is, what lenght should I cut the tubing for the legs to acheive this sort of travel?


(Newbie question, my appologies)


The cut calculator (https://jscalc.io/calc/QHWZUpKFJzyGVS2D) lists a minimum Z axis of 70 mm, with leg conduit length of 57 mm. I believe the minimum is due to the height of the foot and the “lock-corner” that gives it a certain minimum height.

If you really want lower Z-height, you can prop up your workpiece. The tilt of the Z axis (away from vertical) creates more deflection than the deflection of the legs, so propping up the workpiece will help if you really want the absolute minimum deflection.