Leg Length

Hey guys can’t seem to find the answer here (forum). Nor in the conduit length calculator. What would the ideal conduit leg length (height) be for a z-axis print area of 10" or 12" ?

Depends on the height of the material you plan on cutting.

Usually about 3" shorter than your z axis rails. This axis is the most important to have short as possible.

More questions:

Planned z axis max range = 25 cm (for example)
Lenght of z tower conduit = 45 cm x 2
Lenght of z threaded rod with normal motor mount = ?
Min legs lenght for planned z axis range = 18 cm ???

It’s all correct? Just for some preliminary valutation of required pieces.

25cm is very long for the z axis. You might want to look into using a bowden setup.

quick estimates
conduit at least, 40cm (what you want +15cm)
threaded rod what you want plus 7.5cm
legs, what you want minus 3cm

That should get you close

Thank you for your answer (and for your astonishing machine). I’m thinking to limit legs lenght indeed, (10 cm?) because I would like to use MPCNC mostly for routing and milling. But I wish to have the ability to mill bigger soft materials extending the lenght of the legs, without the need to change the z tower. I hope this doesn’t compromise the frame rigidity when I’m using short legs…

How big of a piece of material are you trying to mill. seeing as most end mills are like 2in that’s really about the maximum plunge depth you’ll be able to achieve. if you’re talking about milling large items then why not go the route some are and put the legs through the table so it can be raised and lowered. or remove the inner section of table completely so you can have limitless options for materials, making the waste board completely removable. this way if you have something tall you want to engrave and it’s not going to fit on the table you can just add supports for it from the floor and get it in position that way.

Yes, of course. I’m thinking with 3d printing in my head. Max depth of milling depends on the geometry of the spindle, conduits and printed parts of z tower, ie few centimeters. Unless we are using a fourth or fifth axis.
The idea of “sliding” legs and removable inner section of the table is very good.