Length of conduit for the legs.

How long are you guys cutting the conduit for the legs? If I am reading right it should be the desired Z height plus 7.5 inches. I don’t really know what I should have for the Z height. I do not plan on using this as a 3d printer so I am thinking a couple inches of Z would be good but there could be something I am not understanding.

Legs = Usable Height – 13mm (.5in)


For most jobs, 4" usable height is more than enough; any more will introduce excessive Z rail flex (entire center gantry flexes, making the bit wobble around). I made the mistake of making mine 9", and have regretted it since.

Don’t forget to leave yourself an extra inch above your actual max height, for tool changes and variations in bit lengths.


Thanks I was reading looking at Z height not legs. Yes I am looking to make them as short as possible because I can imagine longer is going to be less stable.

So I if I cut the pipe to 5" the thickest piece I could put in there would be 3.5" right? So then would I want my Z rails to be 11"

With 5" Legs, you would have:

Usable Height: 4.5"
Leg Height: 5" (Usable Height +0.5")
Z Rail Height: 12" (Usable Height +7.5")
Lead Screw: 7.5" (Usable Height +3")


EDIT: BTW, when you cut your X/Y rails, just cut all 3 of each to the same length; makes for a decent guide to keep your stepper wires off of the belts.

Thanks I got it now. I think I had it on the last post but was doing the math wrong. I’m sure I will still screw it up but at least the legs would be easy to replace :slight_smile:

Thanks @conjur

I added the basic calculator links to this page, https://www.v1engineering.com/assembly/conduit-rails-tubes-pipes/. I think they are correct…I will try and add the belts in there before I call it a night. Cool site made making a quick calculator super easy, Good Thing I am not in the mood to try and learn how to code today.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for helping out.