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I’ve purchased just about everything that I need to build my leo laser add on. Is the documentation on the website current, and will the latest dual end stop firmware support it?

I’m not sure what a “leo laser” is. As for firmware support, the last I saw on the forum, laser was enabled on the Rambo firmware and the SKR Pro firmware, but it was not enabled for other boards. I believe it was enabled in version 509 (current version is 510). If you don’t have one of these two boards, you can do a diff between the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h of the Rambo version of Marlin and your version of Marlin to see the differences.

Ryan outlines his laser testing and provides a test g-code file in this topic.

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The Leo Laser is Ryan’s recommended budget laser:


Leo did a very good job with that and I trust he tried very hard to make it future proof. But it was a few years ago. I haven’t heard much about it. There are some very inexpensive banggood lasers out now that have made it easier to just buy them.

@vicious1, should we update the docs, or do you still think it is worth it over the cheapo imports?

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Hmmm, yeah, I think moving that DOC would be best. I don’t want to remove it though. I think it still has value.

I have everything for the leo laser, but in the interest of ease and laziness, should I pursue one from aliexpress already to roll?

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No, I would finish up the Leo. Mine has been great, it is pretty good quality and I even have a few different lenses. Good to see how they work.

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Thanks brother!

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I’m setting up my laser(finally) and I have a few questions.

  1. When setting up the driver, I was able to set up voltage easily, but when backing down the current adjust, I was not able to lower it to the point that the LED went out.

  2. There are 2 - 12v DC power input spots on the wye driver board. One is a jst connector, and the other looks like a barrel connector. Will either work, or do I need power to both? I powered both and now my RAMBO stopped working…


Hi Jarrod,

Are you still trying to sort this laser out?

I just got my Leo laser working a couple of days ago so I can answer a couple of your questions,

  1. What driver did you get? My ‘good laser’ driver led light also did not go out, I read somewhere in this forum that that can happen. My solution was just to turn it fully counterclockwise then go to the test load part, even though my led was still on the test load started off with a very small voltage drop/current and I was able to adjust the potentiometer to the desired 1.7v.
  1. on my driver both the 12V connections can power the driver. I connected the JST one. What are you connecting the laser 12v to? Leo recommends a separate 3amp supply if your supply is <8amps. mines powered by a separate 12v supply as my main MPCNC supply is only 6amps.

I hope that helps!