Leo Laser

I had started a Leo Laser build following his instructions but never got around to it and ended up getting a banggood laser instead. If anybody would like all of the components needed please let me know.

Looking for $30 + shipping for everything.




any chance you could post a link or tell us more about the laser?

Yeah definitely. So I had to go to Mint to find the transaction and then to PayPal. The diode comes from DTR’s laser shop per Leo’s instructions. Specifically it is the 445nm 9mm Diode in Copper Module w/Leads and a three element glass lens for $70. I’ve attached a screenshot of the partial PayPal receipt, I left my contact info out.

This is the site I got it from: https://sites.google.com/site/dtrslasershop/home/diodes/9mm-445nm

Let me know if you need more information.

Did you sell this yet?


Hey Jeremy, I haven’t yet.

So $40 total. $30 for the laser parts and $10 for shipping? But I will take it! Diddledirt@gmail.com let me know how you want your money. Money order, PayPal, or threw Facebook messenger

Jeremy, I’m sending you an email now!

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I just received everything

I guess I didn’t really look at the picture. It was way more then I was expecting. Thank you very much. You definitely just made my life way easier.



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You got it! It should be everything you need to get ramped up and running.