Let the adventure begin, just placed order 🇮🇪

Hi to all,

First post on here, so just wanted to say hi. Hope everyone is coping well in these uncertain times. Stay safe, stay creative.

Super excited to have taken the plunge. Been toying with the idea for some time.

Initially had my mind set on the MPCNC, but I feel most of my projects will likely be larger than the ideal footprint.

Had some early concerns about the Lowrider. Shows my lack of knowledge ha but it was just its unconventional appearance threw me. After watching some videos of it in action. Boom, clear the space in the workshop!!

So I’ve ordered the LR2 bundle, printed parts, rambo mini and mill set. Had to grab a few stickers too for the finished machine!

Unfortunately the LCD + case are out of stock for the minute, mega bummer. :frowning:

@vicious1 any chance there is 1 hiding that could be added to order before shipping!?

Tube ordered for 4x8. Might end up making it a little smaller for space saving. Do I have enough wire etc with the bundle for this?

Router ordered (chancing this katsu makita copy just to get the hang of things before upgrading)

With the different router I figured I’d have to make flat parts to suit.

Time to start setting up the table in anticipation of the post man!

Appreciate any links to your favourite LR2 builds? Anything I am missing?
Anything you would have done differently if you were building again?

Random question, what colour are the printed parts likely to be? any chance of a funky scheme :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, if you made it this far congrats on being awesome and thanks! Most of all thanks to Ryan for this super project and the community of makers.



West of Ireland :ireland:


Welcome. You order should be on it’s way!!!

I’m pretty far behind so let me run through the questions.
No spare LCD’s, Yes, enough for 4x8, tons of builds all have things I love, I built my second one much smaller 2x4 and I still rarely use more than a 1/3 of it, printed parts are black.

Can’t wait to see your build.

That makes 2 of us in the wild west…

Well lad!
(Sorry had to prove my irishness)

Where did you order your conduit from? Also would love to know what sort of customs fees to expect and how long delivery took.

I got my conduit pre-cut from metals4u.co.uk
Ordered all my parts via aliexpress and bought a printer to do the printed parts.

Nice will try them outm it seems like 25mm stainless is hard enough to find.

It’ll be great to see some pictures as you start rolling on the build. It’s a ton of fun and there’s a great community to help troubleshoot and get you into your first cuts.

Ah that’s great to hear, ya can always count on a few Irish lads to pop up everywhere!! :see_no_evil:

@D_dan I managed to get stainless tubing from metalmaniauk. 900mm (~3ftft) work area with 100mm z all in £56. Then use addresspal from anpost for decent shipping rates.

Haven’t received bundle from America yet. On route so will let you know on customs as soon as.

@banjopete just ordered timber for table construction so will start posting pics once I get that moving. Everythings moving a lil slower re delivery with the crisis…

Stay safe, stay creative


Re your screen I bought this today as I had seen a few others mentioning it and with touchscreen it’s a little snazzy.

After a few delays we are up and running. Ryan, what a fantastic piece of kit.

The joy is real ha, from connecting it all up and manually controlling movements (alot of fun for a total noob!!) to the crown :crown: and onto cut flat parts, this thing is epic.

Few bumps along the road but so much detail on here. Really for anyone struggling time spent on here reading has made most issues minor! Someone has been there before you 99.9%

Grub screw fell out on the x axis - check!
Belts too loose - check!
Belts too tight - check!
Over tightening everywhere - check!
Collet too loose - check!
Full depth missed step mini burn :fire: - check!

Pretty sure my table has some minor misalignment causing the same issue as a few others with drift across the x axis when under load. The guide track method sorted this out. Will tidy it up once I can get some aluminium track I think…

Software guide has been awesome, really helped this side click.

Waiting for brother to fix his 3d printer (it’s sick following ppe printing) to get proper casing for rambo and complete final wiring. DIY tupperware box for now!!

Going to start first real project tomorrow. Still can’t decide exactly what it’s going to be! :see_no_evil:


Great post, thanks for that. Made me smile! If everything went perfect from the get go it would not be nearly as much fun!

I see the sailboat outside the shop door. Any wooden boats in the LR’s lineup?

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Looks pretty awesome so far. Totally right too on the problems are not unique comment. It’s a very common progression from built to running smoothly for us all, problems included.


Delighted to see you got up an running.
I waited to get all my parts assembled before ordering the tubing as I really had no idea until today where I was going to put the damn thing.

What did you do for wheel guides?