Lexan Build Plate

Has anyone tried printing on polycarbonate (Lexan)? I have been experimenting with different surfaces trying to find one build plate that works for different filaments. I think I found it!

It’s suppose to work great for ABS, but I have not tested this yet. It works great for PLA and SemiFlex. For PLA, I heat the bed to 55 degrees C. The sheet can be removed and flexed to pop the part off. For SemiFlex I set the bed temperature to 90 degrees C. SemiFlex won’t pop off, but it can be pealed off using a razor blade.

I have been using this for a few weeks now. Between prints I’ve been wiping it down with alcohol. Has anyone else tried this?


I used a sheet for a while it did work pretty good but once I tried PEI I won’t be changing anytime soon.

I’m having trouble with PEI. My parts often don’t stick well enough, I had a 11 hour print a couple of days ago get to within an inch of the top when the bottom let loose (not surprisingly, I wasn’t watching and ended up with a part that was short with an afro).

kick up the bed temp 3-5 degrees. 60 works for me with most everything except the toolmount (tall and thin), for that I use 64. I also give it an alcohol wipe before each print.

I did kick the bed up, but not quite that high. Tomorrow I’m making ribs for dinner (and roasting coffee for later in the week) and will have loads of time to watch a big print. I’ll start with 60 and go a bit higher if it’s looking weak.