Life lesson learned... Test printing on your whole bed

I learned a life lesson… I had a dodgy ass printer. I printed a calibration cube in the center of the bed… and it was accurate… I should have printed 5 cubes… turns out while the center of my printer is good… the edges… not so good… I printed the four feet to discover that all of them are different sizes by several mm…

Finally old sparky died and I replaced it with a core XY printer that did some testing and presto… I’m printing 4 new feet… life lesson learned…


My first 3D printer was like that. It should have been fine, but … wasn’t. if I tried to print 2 parts that were supposed to fit together, the only way I had even remotely a chance was if they were almost side by side, or if printed at different times, if they were printed in the same orientation and very close in the X/Y plane. Sometimes Z too. No reason for it that I ever figured out, all the belts were tight and straight, it was a simple I3 clone, but was dimensionally wonky.

Took me a long time to figure it out. I thought that 3D printing was just like that, until my next printer, which was actually reasonably stable, but it’s a part of the reason why my current printer was designed with all leadscrew motion, in order to get positional accuracy. (I blamed the belts.)

Next printer will be CoreXY because that config seems to have a speed advantage.

Exactly how many asses did you print with it?

You’re picking up @kvcummins humor😀

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I dunno, I would have asked what sort of DEX bonus did that ass have?

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