Lightburn issues

I have my JTech laser set up on the LR2. It functions properly in manual control. I downloaded the trial version of Lightburn and when I try to make a simple square (3inX3in) to test accuracy the square comes out to maybe a (0.1inX0.1in). Is this a setting issue within Lightburn or is it a software issues in Marlin?

Units, mm versus inches?

Current status…where else to check?

Change lightburn to use MM marlin firmware is in mm correct?

Sorry, I’m not on the computer that has lightburn installed at the moment. It may be that your Lightburn workspace is set up in inches, but the control board firmware is expecting millimeters and Lightburn is just sending move values without specifying units. Check the GCode for a G20 (programming in inches) or G21 (programming in mm) command before any of the movement commands. If neither is there, try adding it near the top and see if that gets you the size you’re expecting.

I remember choosing to set Lightburn up for mm even though I still think in inches so that I wouldn’t trip over this sort of hidden issue.

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Marlin doesn’t support inches, without enabling it in the config.

I figured it out…it was the units issue but with multiple places to change settings it took a minute to figure out which ones needed changed. Thank you all for the help.