Lights Out!! Gorilla Radio ! WINCH THAT SH*T UP!!!

Sorry i got a little inspired in the Title line :slight_smile:
anyway, just finished my winch video… I hate editing lol.

THought overall the project turned out pretty well.

Let me know if you have any questions.
thanks all
click link for new window. or just watch below.
Winch that Sh*t UP


Nice idea!


Heh, I was waiting for that first 2x4 to hit your water heater drain and snap it off. BTDT, they’re a pain to remove the leftovers to put in a replacement. If it was me doing this, I’d sister up some plywood blocks beside your beam joists to help hold the load. They’re not really designed for that kind of load. I’ve seen the bottom break away from the plywood from a suspended load before.


What are you using to edit you videos? I need to make some soon.

i use cyberlink power director… its ok… its nothing special for editing… of course im not very good at it anyway, so it works haha.

So i have a 2x on the right and left running the length of the table, and a 2x4 running along the front… so 3 of 4 sides are braced fairly well.
its also 3/4" really high grade MDF… its a beefy stock.

haha Barry, i just rewatched that part you mentioned, and DAMM it did come close to hitting that pvc on the HWH… whew… well like i said… its a tutorial on what not to do :slight_smile:
Its really amazing giving my lack of skill in almost everything, that i do manage to get anything done.

I like your style, Ryan! We should collaborate;o)


Jon, you probably know what you are doing… I just kinda fly by the seat of my pajama pants :slight_smile:
Im more than willing to do stuff though haha.

Usually when that kind of thing happens is when you find the main shut off valve is rusted open…

Ryan :slight_smile: when do I start to earn kickbacks haha… this was a post on my youtube channel…
kidding though… glad I could get another person to look at your CNC…
keep up the good work

“Das Wookie3 hours agoLINKED COMMENT
Nice… I’ve been looking at doing this as a MPCNC Plasma cutter, and was worried about the footprint size for where it’s going to go… this will PERFECTLY solve my problem for where I’m wanting to put it, and allow me to use the size of metal I intend to use. That was the final piece of the picture, so that settles it… I’m building the MPCNC and this type of suspension winch setup! :slight_smile: Thx for the video and work sir!”

Nice title :slight_smile:

And an excellent Idea. I am moving house soon. Bub # 2 necessitates a larger house, sadly it means less room for my toys/tools. This is an elegant solution to create more usable space from the same area.

Nice looking build BTW. I dig the white.


Dang it, now I need to set up an affiliate program…Word of mouth (type) is my only form of advertising. That might actually be a good idea. I know you were joking but could be good for everyone. Although I wonder if that would make peoples endorsements less genuine…Conundrum.

Ryan, i was totally kidding… Im not a reviewer for sale haha… If your design sucked Id have said that in my video too… it just so happens to be good haha.

Thanks 3dti. LIke i said in my post and video it literally just came to me as I needed room for my new 3d printer (still not here yet) .

As always, any questions, let me know. im SURE there are a million better ways to do this