lil update & Another Server upgrade....

Jeff - You can subscribe to a subforum at the top of it, and to subscribe to a thread you need to post in it and there will be a checkbox to subscribe. Sorry to be out of order I am trying to catch up with a ton of changes from the thread and the emails.

Still looking into showing unread replies or some sort of indication.

I see that Subscribe button on the top of a subforum or forum. Has that always been there? :slight_smile:

You can subscribe to a topic without posting to it in the top right of the first post, too. You don’t have to post to a topic to subscribe.

Learn something new everyday

I was trying to log in using the top bar. That’s what was taking me to the /login page.

The one on the right, that one is taking me to the very front page, :frowning:

BTW, I know you would rather be modeling something in CAD, and you don’t get paid by the forum topic, so thank you for putting energy into it.

Dammit…I thought I had this. I’ll try some more after lunch. (Sorry to get your hopes up Bill)

Thanks, I want the site to work as well as you guys. I learn just as much here as you guys!

mostly I like the changes you have made, but the video section is in my opinion worse. I used to like that I could click to videos and see thumbnails of the older items (in order) in the play list and if more than one new item was added I could select them.

Now I have no idea how many new items are present, and really I have to scroll through (next/previous) the list to see if there are any new ones.


I’ll work on that. I did like the previous gallery myself as well.
There is arrow in the upper left corner, that has all the video sorted as before, newest to oldest. On each playlist.

Back ‘home’ after a day at a customer site. I don’t see a sidebar at all (Firefox 50.0). When I login from the top menu I end up at, so the same as what Jeff saw.

I like the tree Jeff put up, but I think I’d leave ‘Getting Started’ and plan for ‘Usage’ to cover more advanced topics than getting that first project to work. Maybe topics like milling three dimensional surfaces or slicing a 3D design to be routed in layers or changing colors on the fly while 3D printing or … The things you might want to do after you already have a handle on the basics.

Aha! Something refreshed and now I have the sidebar. Eventually I’ll ask you to float it so it’ll be visible even if you are scrolled way down.)

Re shop sales - building in Australia, obviously parts and hardware are uneconomical to ship. However, I would have liked to be able to buy the cabling kit, and possibly also the electronics (to skip calibration and flashing the firmware - although now that I’ve done it, it was a piece of cake, and firmware especially I would have to have re-done as my GT2 pulleys have a different tooth count).

So my suggestion is to see if you can find economical shipping for some of these things. I wonder if there is a trade assistance bureau that can help; eg. Chinese postage is ridiculously cheap, I believe there is a special trade arrangement that makes postage cheap.

The other challenge I’m seeing now is software. Fusion 360 seems like the best free non-Windows option; but setup is not trivial.

The CAM process with eg. Cura for 3D printing is easy and reliable; still getting my head around the process for milling.

I think the closer it can get to plug-and-play, the wider the audience - eg. I think it is an interesting challenge but I can see where it would get frustrating if what you want is a DIY-but-easy-and-cheap way of milling a PCB, or engraving a sign, or cutting out some 123D Make stegosauruses!

So, for those who have good settings files, perhaps it would be good to aggregate them in one place. Eg. here is the workflow and settings for engraving a sign, and here are the bits you need if using a Dremel, and here are the bits you need with a 1/4" router.

That would then open up the field to those less interested in the “fabbing” side, but who need the capabilities — robotics, radio, custom packaging, signs, branding. Something like a ZMorph or an Othermill costs >$4500 in Australia; >10x cost of MPCNC.

Bill- You always gotta keep me on my toes…floating login…Let me figure out how to get the formatting of the dang box correct first… haha Thanks. As much as I hate the webdesign stuff It does feel good to solve an issue!

Cave - I wish there was something for shipping. Honestly the cost I charge is just the shipping cost straight from the USPS. There is the software side, the shopping cart calculation side, packaging. The hardest part for me is getting the cart to properly charge you. There are 3 prices for 3 different sizes. I have that working pretty well know but the price I can;t seem to get remotely close to the prices I have now, let alone cheaper. USPS/DHL/Fedex all tend to be about 3x’s as much.

I know most people don’t see it but when you buy from china the only thing cheap is the “epacket” at least in the US. Wikipedia said we made some shipping deal with them a long time ago. So the “epacket” is actually government funded. When I buy from china I pay full price DHL. If it can;t fit in an epacket It is much more expensive. I am in that crappy zone between the epacket and the sea freight. I am losing my a%% in shipping.

As for your software concerns. What are you trying to do. You mentioned 4 different things. There is Machine control, CAD, CAM, SLicing. Start the answer to this one in a new thread please and we will sort it out.

Always will to help push the envelope… I see you added the page navigation gadgets to the bottom of the thread and really, really like that. :slight_smile:

Though the forum tree (New Home › Forum › Updates › lil update & Another Server upgrade…. ›) on the bottom would also be helpful, giving me a path back without having to hit the back button in the browser.

Wow you are awesome! Been looking for a cnc machine and stumbled across this. Unreal. Good work. I just registered and will be placing orders soon. Your mind gave my mind hope that I can make what’s in my mind! Lol. Thank you Vicious1.

Glad to have you Ian!

Need a slogan yours almost fits but its a little too meta, haha. “Giving minds hope to make what is on them”

The sidebar login is working for me. Hooray.

I’ve thought about your slogan for a few seconds, and I’ve come up with this:

“Making things to make maker’s minds make mind made things”

Awesome now say it 3 times fast!

“Making things to make maker’s minds make mind made things”

Not gonna get into tongue twisters, but will suggest a space between the forum tree and the subscribe link. I see this in Firefox: New Home › Forum › UpdatesSubscribe

Wow Marlin and wordpress update in the same day…

I was waiting for the wordpress update before I went to far with the site, now that it is here. Time to clean it up a bit.

The new server and new theme are worth it! Only way to go from here is down…I’ll careful not to screw it up too much.


Yeah, I was running site updates all evening once I got home. Themes first then Wordpress itself. I’ve got one more to do, but that will wait for tomorrow.