Limiting X direction movement

Maybe a dumb question, but i did not understand clearly what is limiting whole gantry on left-right (X axis) direction?


What do you mean by limiting?

While router cutting workpiece on X axis, workpiece also “pushes” whole carrier to opposite direction. Rollers forced axially and should be some extra roller, slides etc. Between table and whole X axis equipment. I did not notice that detail…

The weight of the assembly and friction of the wheels is enough. Some people have built tracks for the wheels but most operate fine with just friction. The loads are not as high as you might think, when compared with the weight.

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I see.

As i m just thinking without practice can not realize that.

As another question, i have 5 nema 17 stepper motors but two of them are weaker than others.

I’m planning to use stronger motors for y axis and x axis. For z axis weaker motors.

Is this configuration seems correct or should i use stronger ones for z and x?

Can this cause any problem on ramps 1.4 card’s drivers (drv8825)?

Use the strongest for Z. It is fighting gravity.

Check that the current (amps) setting isn’t too high for the smaller motors. Also, two new motors isn’t going to break the budget. If they are too small, you’ll definitely wish yoi had just replaced them to begin with.

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My strong motors are 1.8A, 1.8Ohm, 3.2V and has 5.2kgcm (72oz-in) holding torque.

Weaker ones 55 oz-in similar electical characteristics i think. Are they too weak for Y axis movements?

You can try it, worst case, you’ll need to get a couple new ones.